Fight Back (VR)

Fight Back (VR)

I was a game designer on Fight Back, an upcoming VR game about self-defense by Céline Tricart

I am a freelance game designer for Lucid Dreams Productions in collaboration with Red Corner, and the help of Albyon, on their upcoming virtual reality game Fight Back.

The game is still in development, I will update this page once more is out about it.

See more about the game here

I was hired to design the game and help choreograph the VR fighting sequences.
I was also tasked with creating and maintaining documentation for the various teams involved as the project progressed.

As my first VR project professionally, I had to learn on the fly and adapt to the VR platform quickly. This project was very interesting from its pitch to where it is at now, this is a meaningful project I am proud to work on, with an incredible team of individuals working on it.

Working remotely with international teams all over the world is always a teaching experience, this project is no exception and the challenges this project offers are made even more interesting for it. The physicality of VR, especially on this project dealing with fighting and physical boundaries, makes this project one of the most challenging I’ve worked on in a while, but also one of the most exciting !

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